HigherEd Metrics®

The HigherEd Metrics® platform helps institutions by providing greater information on student accounts and trends so administrators and senior leadership can make better management decisions. The platform focuses on the CFO, Bursar, and Student Financial Services business offices within a College or University including recruiting, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, payment plans, student financial services, and retention.

APA has a long history of experience working with major universities. As a strategic partner to Student Financial Services functions, APA implemented process workflow and automated the data aggregation, measurement, reporting, and analysis of SFS information.

Using its propritary technology and code developed in secure data environments, reporting and predictive analytics were developed and implemented to measure departmental efforts in helping students with financial need and the departmental goals required for success in assisting students in financing their college educations.

APA worked to incorporate into its analysis institutional operations reports; and Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, and private lender requirements to assist schools in meeting important financial reporting requirements faster and with significantly less effort than previously performed. This is an examples of process efficiencies that APA’s HigherEd Metrics® platform implements to streamline and reduce expense for Higher Education institutions.

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