Applied Performance Analytics

Applied Performance Analytics (APA) has proven products for organizations that track and monitor operational and financial performance. The APA team of experts have strong accounts receivables, institutional, data science, and business expertise as well as a full menu of skills that support the products and services our customers require. With more than 30 years of experience in implementing data analytics and reporting platforms for the financial services industry, APA concentrates its efforts in the following three areas to help customers meet operational and strategic goals, and financial objectives.

Data Security and Compliance

Secure Data Collection

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Dashboards and Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

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Informed Decision-Making

Decisions & Strategy

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APA is a pioneer in data analytics and reporting in the financial services realm. With a team of experts having strong accounts receivables, institutional, and business expertise and a full menu of skills to drive its services and products. data collection, to compliance to project management to development and implementation. APA concentrates in three major areas to help its customers understand what their own data reports, and how using analytics and performance reporting can help their organization meet its operational goals and financial objectives.

1. Data Security, DataCollection, and Compliance

2. Dashboards and Performance Reporting

3. Analytics for Strategy and Informed Decision-Making